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Courses to Help You Build a Successful Freedom Business

Freelance to Freedom Blueprint
How to use Upwork and Fiverr to quickly get started with freelancing. And also how use these freelancing sites as steppingstones to high-paying freelance projects
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The Riches and Subniches Client Acquisition Strategy
To stand out in today’s crowded Market having a niche is not good enough. You need to work the subniches. Does that mean you are limited? Not with this strategy. I show you how to build your freedom business one subniche at a time.

This includes a plan for those with service oriented businesses, such as consultants, coaches, freelancers and agencies.

A plan for product-based businesses such as courses and information products

And a plan for a hybrid business that combine products and services to increase your income and diversify your opportunities
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Sales Copy Trifecta program
The income you make in your freedom business is largely dependent on your sales copy. But you don’t have to be a world-class professional copywriter to either right copy that converts or to supervise others. You need to know what are the elements that make the biggest difference in how to use them.

In this course I show you the three most important elements for making the sale. Headlines bullet points and subheads. Includes tons of examples, fill in the blanks templates videos and instructions.

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The Big Idea Formula
Having big ideas is the basis of a successful business. This course details Big Idea frameworks you can use in salesletters, videos, ads, blog posts, and products.

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