Freedom Business Cafe

What is a Freedom Business?

Show Notes:

In this episode I talk about what is a freedom business….

It’s different things to different people.

Basic thing is that it gives you more control over the life you want to create.

You are your own boss. No one above you telling you what do and how to do it. How to spend your time. Where to work. You call your shots.

It’s certainly location independent. You work where you want to. It may be at your home office…maybe in an office you choose to go to…or, our favorite- some sort of cafe or coffee shop.

Some people would like to work just enough to make enough money to have lots more time.

Others want the freedom to make more money even if that means working more.

Some people want and do succeed at making a lot money while working less.

A Freedom Business is not a typical Silicon Valley startup where people are sleeping under the desk so they don’t waste a second away from building a company they hope will go public or get acquired and everyone will live happily ever after.

The big thing is control.

But a freedom business is not for everyone. In fact, I’d say it’s not for most people. Some people love their job. And that’s great.

The main business models that enable people to have a freedom business are: coach, consultant, info-preneur, service provider (depending on how you run it), and ecommerce owner.

But things change fast so you need to be aware. Flexibility is vital. Often some hybrid model, some model that incorporates an information product or program, is key to having a freedom business.

I’ll talk more about the hybrid models and leveraging information products and programs in upcoming episodes.