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Building a Successful Family Blogging Business: How Dr. Jessie Voigts, Along with Her Husband and Daughter, Built and Continues to Grow a Highly Popular Niche Blog

Dr. Jessie Voigts
Dr. Jessie Voigts,
Co-founder of Wandering Educators

Show Notes: Dr. Jessie Voigts, along with her husband Ed and daughter Lillie, runs a successful family blogging business. Over the past 7 years they have built their travel blog, Wandering Educators (, to become a highly popular and profitable blog in the crowded travel niche.

In the interview Jessie reveals the secrets to creating compelling content and using social media to attract a large audience. Meanwhile Ed, the official “bean counter” of the business, gives details on how the blog earns a substantial income.

Both are extremely grateful for the wonderful lifestyle their family blogging business affords them. The freedom to work from home, or anywhere, to travel when they want and spend more time with their daughter.

There’s a lot of laughter in the interview, but it’s also packed with great tips you can use. Here are some of the things you’ll find out in the interview.

How Jessie uses analytics to tell her what her audience wants.

The huge role social media plays in the growth of their blog, Wandering Educators (WE).

Why Jessie loves Pinterest for growing the business.

Her use of social metrics.

How she gets people to write for WE.

How she uses Triberr.

The importance of building a specialty tribe.

What makes a good blog post.

Their extensive use of multi-media blog posts.

The biggest mistakes bloggers make in trying to grow their blog business.

Why socializing with one’s blogging peer group is important.

Tips for entrepreneurs starting a money-making blog.

Ed details how they make money with their blog.

How Ed left the corporate world.

How they work with advertisers, including detailed examples.

How they create promotional series for their sponsors.

How to building successful relationships with advertisers.

Why they use native advertising and shun display ads.

The mistakes bloggers make in dealing with advertisers and sponsors.