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Milana Leshinsky Explains How to Transform Your Business From Client-Centered to Freedom-Centered So You Can Enjoy Ongoing Income You Can Rely On and Say Goodbye to Stress and Overwhelm

Milana Leshinsky
Milana Leshinsky,
Founder, Recurring Revenue Revolution

Show Notes: This interview with top coach Milana Leshinsky contains a lot of nuggets for coaches, consultants and service professionals who are looking for something better than chasing clients, working more hours and bumping against a dollars for hours ceiling.

I asked Milana to take us back- before she became a big name business coach – to the days when she was working hard to fill her coaching practice and serve her clients.

Milana looked at the future and said NYET!
In the early days of her coaching business she became stressed out and when she looked down the road all she saw in the future was more of the same – the roller coaster of chasing clients, the ups and downs of being a one-to-one service provider.

Then she found the magic of recurring revenue. Creating programs and products that offered steady income she could rely on.

In particular she realized that membership programs hold the key to freedom.

Membership programs enable you to earn reliable income month after month. They provide breathing room and relief from worry over paying the bills.

Milana says it’s something service providers can ADD to their current business.

Instead of meaning more work- a membership program will provide you with steady, additional income that will enable  you to work with a select few clients of your choosing and eliminate clients that drain your energy and time.

Milana makes an important distinction between membership sites and membership programs. Knowing this difference can make or break your membership efforts.

According to Milana, membership sites are those  you must fill with a steady diet of new content. For her this is just more stress and time. She says basing your membership efforts on more and more content creation is a big mistake. It will lead to inevitable burn out.

Membership PROGRAMS on the other hand offer coaching and community, and don’t rely on a lot of content. They are low maintenance and high profit. It’s the perfect formula for more freedom in your business and life.

As the leader of the recurring revolution it’s only fitting that Milana has a program that will take you through and guide you to developing your own membership program that will offer you recurring revenue.

Check out her program: Passive income Unleashed.

Viva La Revoluccion!!