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How an Entrepreneur Went from Returning Empty Soda Bottles to Get Money for Food to Running His Own Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Empire: Interview with author and financial coach Rennie Gabriel

Rennie Gabriel, author of "Wealth on Any Income"
Rennie Gabriel, author of “Wealth on Any Income”

Rennie Gabriel has had more dramatic ups and downs (and ups) than a 19th century novel. And while it is important to look see how many times he was down- it’s even more important to see what he finally built for himself and his family.

After hitting rock bottom when he was collecting empty soda bottles so he could get deposit money and put food on the table, Rennie now runs a multi-million dollar rental property business working a few hours per week.

He wrote an Amazon best –seller, Wealth on Any Income, and also runs a coaching business. Along the way, Rennie, who had been a financial advisor, has developed a proven system for building wealth on any income. And when you hear his story, you realize: He should know!

Rennie has released a special coaching program based on his system of building wealth on any income. His wealth-building advice has been praised by self-development stars like Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the #1 New York Times best-selling book, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

So if you’re looking for a proven way to build wealth- no matter what your income is now- take a look at Rennie’s program. Find out more on his Free Webinar.

Here is a timeline of some of the highlights of the podcast interview.

2:30 Rennie’s early fear of going broke.

3:00 His art gallery goes down the tubes

3:20 Reached the point where he collected empty soda bottles so he could get deposit money and pay for food

3:50 He came back strong and built a pension administration business

4:15 Sold his pension biz but divorce wiped out whatever he made.

Started over again.

Got married.

Then divorced again (didn’t listen to his attorney on prenup agreement- and wiped out again.

6:15 Started again. Sold off stocks and was able to get his hands on $19,000 and buy a triplex with his wife at the time and her partner. Was able to sell it a few years later for about half a million. And his real estate business took off after that.

9:15 As of now that $19,000 has grown to about $6 million in about 8 years.

10:00 What Rennie really means by “wealth on any income”

10:30 Pay yourself first (you can start at any level)

13:15 First secret of building wealth

How we receive and interpret information….why asking questions is so important.

14:15 How messages we may have gotten while growing up can get in the way of building wealth.

16:00 Rennie elaborates on first secret. Understanding your values.

How to listen and knowing your thought processes.

16:15 Understanding the tools that wealthy people use and how they think.

  • No amount of money can fix the problem of mismanagement.
  • Knowing what to do with your money.
  • Knowing where your money is going.

17:55 Where do you put the money?

Need to set up cash reserves.

19:40 – The idea of a “Spending Plan.” What it is.

Why Rennie uses that term instead of a “budget.”

Spend money in alignment with your goals.

Reframing an idea with a change of words.

22:10 – Messages you received as a child may need to be reframed in order to create wealth.

22:30 – the concept of “measure your pleasure.” The example going to a restaurant to eat.

24:50 Measure your pleasure and a spending plan are tied together

25:50 the evolution of the word spending plan as a replacement for budget.

27:20 Rennie has created his own spending forms to better determine where money is going and steps to take(doesn’t use the word budget on the forms)

30:45 Rennie talks about his choice not to earn more.

31:30 Talks about his apartment rental business. His unique perspective of apartment renters as employees

33:15 The question his son asked him that stopped him from buying another rental property.

33:30 How a torn Achilles tendon enabled Rennie to chop off about 18 hours a week of work for himself and still make the same income.

35:45 Rennie determined how much is enough for himself.

36:30 His apartment rental business has enabled him to have the lifestyle he wants without doing anything extra.

37:20 The difference between a financial coach and a financial planner.

39:15 The question a prospect asked when Rennie was a financial planner that stopped him in his tracks and changed his business.

41:30 How he helped a contractor who wasn’t building any wealth grow his net worth by $600,000.

43:30 How Rennie would coach someone in his or her 50s who can’t retire but would like to have more freedom in their lives by building more wealth.

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