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What to do if you’re worried about your job, your career, and your finances

What to do if you're worried about your job, your career, and your finances in an uncertain environment.
So a big question on people’s minds is what’s up ahead in the near future and what will it mean for jobs, careers and income?

Fact is, nobody really knows.
If they say they know, don’t believe them.
What we do know is that it’s smart to have options. In case your job or the whole company goes away.

And one of the best things is to have sources of independent income
whether that’s in addition to a current job, or while looking for a job or instead of a job, if you who decide they never want to work for somebody else again.

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And it’s really smart to have at least one income source that is digital based. So you can work from home or anywhere you want.

So what’s the best kind of online work to get into?

You do you hear a lot of people talk about having a digital product like a course and selling it online.

I happen to personally love creating digital products and courses in selling it.
But here’s the thing.
It is more complicated and takes way more time than people say.

So as an answer other will say you don’t have to build your own product.
you sell somebody else’s product as an affiliate marketer.
And if you can make it work it really is good.
But again, it’s way harder than people are telling you.

Number one you need to have really good marketing chops because you are up against some killer marketers who know every trick in the business and they’re competing with you selling the same affiliate product,

So what is an easier, faster way to earn income digitally?

To answer that let me state a general principle. It is easier and faster to sell an in-demand service than a product,
Businesses today need to have digital services done for them.
most of them don’t have the staff ready to do it so they look for help whether it’s from a consultant a digital agency or freelancers

With freelancing there is a way to get started and get projects almost immediately.
Where you don’t need to put a website.
No need to advertise
No need to spend money and time on driving traffic.
And that way is to leverage the power of the freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Is this how to get higher paying clients?
Generally, no.

However, that’s why I call it it’s a great way to start and to use as steppingstones for getting higher paying clients on your own.

You can use the work you do from these sites as samples and case studies to get your own clients.

You can use your reviews as testimonials to attract more clients.

And you can do all this on the side – even if you are still working at a job.
You can do it if you are in-between jobs.
or if you are just trying to decide what is the next step in your life.

Because the demand is there. In fact, It’s enormous.
There are many choices for independent income. But it’s important to start with one that gets you up and running quickly.

One of the main reasons I see people starting and then quitting building income on the side is it either takes too long to set up or takes too long to start earing the income.

Using an easy fast way like the freelance websites prevents that.
It enables you to quickly earn a side income and build momentum so you can better protect yourself for whatever lies ahead.