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Headline Templates: The “Prediction Headline”

One of the most powerful types of headlines is what I call the Prediction headline (aka – the prognosticator headline).

This is different from the typical benefit headline you’ve heard about, though it certainly offers huge benefits. In this type of headline you are going to predict what will happen in the near future in your niche.

You are going to be the Nostradamus of your niche.

But as befits someone offering real advice, you are going to back it up with evidence, e.g. research, case studies,etc.

The big benefit to the audience is that they can prepare for this future event, either prevent something disastrous or take advantage of what will happen.

The benefit to you is that people want to know what’s in store for them and it positions you as an authority.

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Being seen as someone who has a real insight into the future is a powerful position. People go to authorities and experts to get a head start on the future.

There are a number of ways to work with the Prediction template. For instance, talking about dire consequences in the future usually gets a better response than talking about good things up ahead.

Here’s an example:

First start off with the dire prediction:
The Coming Municipal Bond Crisis Could Dwarf The Mortgage Crash
Then offer a solution:
Here’s how to protect your family

Another example: this time from the marketing world:
Your Facebook Advertising Costs Will Soon Double
(Then the solution)
Here’s how to avoid that . . . and even lower your ad cost

So in this instance we doubled down on the solution. Not only protection against rising costs but show you how to lower your ad costs.

Let’s look at an example from the career development world:

Let’s say you have a product or service helping older job seekers. You do some research and see that a number of surveys showing the stark reality for job seekers over 50.

Your prediction headline becomes a warning to your audience.

If You Lose Your Job When You’re Over 50 You Become Virtually Unemployable
[subhead] Here’s how to bullet proof your work income
For the prediction headline to work there are 2 things you must do in the rest of the copy (or the video)

1) Back up your prediction – here’s where facts from research become important
2) Offer a solution later in the copy.

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