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Here Are 3 Proven Ways to Acquire Freelance Projects on an Ongoing Basis

The video talks about 3 proven ways to acquire freelance projects on an ongoing basis.
And some advice on which one is right for you and when you should use each method.

1. You can use any or a number of the freelance market websites.
2. Send cold email or even (gasp) a physical letter to prospects.
3. You can put up a website and attract the right prospects to your site, where you make the case for your service(s).

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All three have pluses and minuses. You can go from one method to another in a progression. Or use more than one method simultaneously.
Method 1: The freelance websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. There’s also, and many niche freelance sites.
There are some disadvantages to relying on these sites:

-This is not how you get the big freelance money
-There are a lot of low-paying jobs on these sites
-There is a lot of competition

On the other hand, there are a number of important benefits:

-They offer the fastest way to get started (other than working for friends and family)
-You can get started without a website, without doing all sorts of marketing funnels or emailing, and so on
-They make dealing with clients easier, from their own built-in message boards to automatic payment.
-Since they make it so much easier to handle freelance processes, they are also a more practical way to freelance on the side, if you currently have a full-time or part-time job.
-They also enable you to test and hone in the niche or niches that work for you
-You can also get samples of projects you’ve done and just as important make it easy to collect reviews which you can turn into testimonials and use to get more clients.

I recommend that you use these freelance sites for what they’re worth….
As steppingstones to get started.

Nothing says you have to stick with the freelance sites. But use them to get samples. Use them for research: study the job descriptions to find out what companies in your niche are looking for.
If you are currently freelancing and want to break into a new niche this is a way to get some foot-in-the-door projects and get samples and reviews to establish credibility in a new niche.

Method 2: Directly contacting prospects
You don’t have to wait to move on from using the freelance sites. If it feels right for you and you want to start being as proactive as possible, you can start a campaign to directly contact prospects.
The fastest way is to construct target lists and write emails or even direct mail to contact these possibilities. Who you contact is critical. Make sure you have some knowledge of their niche and of their particular business.
And you’ll have to construct the emails in a certain way or they’ll be ignored.

Method 3: Driving people to your website
This method takes the most work but once you’re set up it can attract prospects 24/7. This is where you create a website and at the very least a simple marketing funnel to find the prospects who might be interested in working with you, and offer a way to meet with you on a call or zoom where you can demonstrate how you can help them.
All of these strategies can work.
And you can use all of them. But use them in the order that makes sense for your level of experience.