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How the Enneagram Can Help You Make Better Decisions in Work and Life in an Uncertain Time

Click below to listen to the interview I did with my good friend Kate H., an Enneagram expert and a long-time psychotherapist.

I think you’ll find it quite fascinating to learn why Kate says the Enneagram is the best personality assessment tool to use for self-awareness and as a guide for work and for life.

If you’d like a transcript of the interview (along with time stamps of what was said when), just click

As a marketing coach and consultant, I am particularly interested in how this self-awareness tool can be very useful for those looking to start (or grow) their own online “freedom” business.  If you are thinking about (or currently) building an online business (e.g. virtual coaching, consulting or online courses and programs)- that is in alignment with your values and goals- then maybe we should talk.

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